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Skype Introduces Background Blur for Video Calls on Desktop

Skype Introduces Background Blur for Video Calls on Desktop

Skype users need to be on the latest version to use the feature

Microsoft has introduced a new background blur feature for Skype users. The feature lets users blur their background, and bring just them into focus during video calls. The background blur is available to all users who are on Skype’s latest version on their desktops and laptops. To recall, a similar background blur feature was introduced for Microsoft Teams users last year, and it has now trickled down to Skype users as well. This will enable Skype video callers to blur out the messy background of their homes for business-related conference calls, or even non-official video calls.

Skype says that all desktop and laptop users on the latest version can find the background blur option by hovering at the bottom of the screen to find the video button while on a video call. Once you right click on that button, you will find the ‘blur my background’ toggle and switching it on will seamlessly put your background out of focus.

“Background blur in Skype and Teams uses artificial intelligence (AI)-trained in human form detection-to keep you in focus during your call. This technology is also trained to detect your hair, hands, and arms, making a call with background blur just as relaxed and easy as a regular video call,” the company explains on its blog.

While it’s a great feature to be rolled out, Microsoft cautions, “We do our best to make sure that your background is always blurred, but we cannot guarantee that your background will always be blurred.” This means that while background blur is good to blur out a few frames on the wall, but relying on this feature to continuously blur out the messiness in the background isn’t completely recommended.

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