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Apple Watch Series 4 Review

The Apple Watch is not just a niche smartwatch anymore. In fact, Apple claims it’s the most popular watch — smart or otherwise — in the world. The Series 4 is the latest generation of this product line, and it adds several features that sound great on paper. This includes ...

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Smartron t.band Review | NDTV Gadgets360.com

Smartron is an Indian consumer tech company that makes products such as phones, hybrid laptops, and wearables. The Smartron t.band is a fitness tracker that can monitor your blood pressure monitoring as well as take ECG (electrocardiogram) readings. It has an exercise mode and can track sleep as well. Since ...

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Apple Watch Gets an Official Charger With USB Type-C Cable

Apple Watch Magnetic Charger to USB-C Cable is currently available through the online Apple Store While the latest Apple Watch model comes bundled with traditional USB Type-A charger, Apple has now silently launched an Apple Watch charger that features a USB Type-C connector. The new charger, called Apple Watch Magnetic ...

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